New information is still being revealed about the Astros cheating...and Terry is still backing them (sort of).

Guest: Michael Fishman

On this episode of the O-ZONE Omar and Terry have first time guest actor/writer/producer Michael Fishman in the studio. 

  • New information is still being revealed about the Astros cheating (2:46)
  • Michael talks about what he has going on (1:02:11)
  • Is Canelo fighting a nobody for $40 million(1:19:09)
  • Australian Open (1:49:18)
  • Antonio Brown meltdown (2:01:30)
  • Netflix documentary on the late Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (2:07:30)

In-Studio Guest
About Michael Fishman
Michael Fishman was born in Long Beach, California, the middle of three children, older sister Robyn Fishman and brother Matthew Fishman. His father, Nelson, was a jeweler, and his mother, Darlene, a nurse and community college professor. His acting career started on the iconic sitcom Roseanne (1988) between 1988-1997. Fishman became known for his timing, and impersonations making him a staple of numerous credit tags later leading to appearances on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992). In addition to Roseanne (1988) Michael's roles include: Seinfeld (1989) alongside Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, & James Spader; Hitz (1997) with Andrew Dice Clay & Reno Wilson; Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) fighting Chuck Norris; The Jackie Thomas Show (1992); Hey Arnold! (1996); "Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home" (1997) with Stephen Furst; "Artificial Intelligence: AI" (2001) opposite Jude Law, Haley Joel Osment, Adrian Grenier and Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Michael was accepted to college to study veterinary medicine but instead pursued a career in baseball, married and worked as a carpenter while helping to raise his younger brother Matthew. An avid scuba diver, adventurer, and martial artist he returned to entertainment behind the scenes. A production renaissance man Fishman worked in countless areas on projects like The Roseanne Show (1997), Rockin with Roseanne, The Tipping Point (2009), even earning an Emmy nomination on Sport Science (2007).

After over two decades Fishman continues to expand his repertoire. As an adult playing more dramatic roles. Michael keeps his comedic skills sharp by performing improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy.

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