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On this quarantined edition of the OZONE Omar and Terry talk to Trucker Dave about Tommy Terrific’s move to Florida (2:44), News about a third GGG and Canelo Alvarez fight in September (16:48), and they speak on how will sports change after the corona virus (22:03), All this and so much more on this episode of the O-ZONE.

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The Nordic Nightmare

On this episode Omar and Terry talk about Lebron’s fire, and is it short lived(1:10)? They breakdown the Robert Helenius and Adam Kownacki fight (13:57), MLB season is about to start and is it time to get over the Astros cheating (42:26)? They speak on Michael Thomas not signing the new CBA because of Tony Romo’s new contract (55:52). All this and much more on this episode of the O-ZONE

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Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Fight Breakdown

On this episode of the O-ZONE Omar and Terry breakdown the fight between Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury

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The Champ is Here! with Seniesa Estrada

On this episode of the O-ZONE Omar and Terry speak on the big scandal in MLB with 2017 Houston Astros cheating to win the world series (1:19),They touch on the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time (15:55), recap the NFL Divisional playoffs (20:15), Do it for the tipper calls in to recap the NCAA football Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and The LSU Tigers (39:38), and the wrap up the show in world of boxing talking about the last weeks bouts (53:07).

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